Turning her passion into action

Sunny Schiller is a long-time resident of Maple Ridge, with a proven track record of working collaboratively with others and finding practical solutions to tough issues.

A long-time community and environmental leader, Schiller partnered with Leanne Koehn of Ridge Meadows Recycling Society to launch the first Repair Cafe in the Fraser Valley. Since it began operating in 2018, the Repair Cafe has diverted thousands of items from the landfill, while getting people to think about repairing items rather than sending them to the landfill.

Sunny is also the Executive Administrator of the Maple Ridge Climate Hub, which has engaged thousands of residents in learning how Maple Ridge can reduce greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change.

Sunny appreciates being able to raise her family close to nature. “The access to the natural environment here is incredible,” she says. “We need to preserve these important wild spaces while still allowing our community to grow and prosper.”


Committed to the community 

Sunny enjoys serving the residents of Maple Ridge through her various roles in the community. “I’ve been privileged to work and build positive relationships with community leaders to help address some of the challenges we face,” says Sunny, “and I look forward to continuing that work as a member of council.

“But lately,” she continues, “I’m hearing more and more about concerns people have with where Maple Ridge is going. People are tired of the politics of anger and fear. People want a council that works proactively and cooperatively with all levels of government to get things done.”

Sunny appreciates the chance to speak directly with voters about what she can contribute as a councillor. She finishes, “I believe that together, we can make Maple Ridge better for generations to come.”

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